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Ultimate purpose of ads are to generate sales or leads. If your ads are not doing that, you are throwing money down the drain.


Our Advertising services

Get More Traffic, More Leads and More Sales with Our PPC Services

Search Ads

We will help you quickly build brand awareness with ads placed on the top of search engine results

Display Ads

We create powerful and customer-centric adverts with images, banners, texts, etc. to enhance your digital presence


Want to recondition your customer base with clever ads? Let Digital Markitors help you with robust remarketing strategies

Product Listing Ads

Advertise more and more products and related information to convert your leads into assured sales with our customized product listing ads

Google Shopping Ads

Retails marketing businesses can create campaigns and sell products to their online customers through Google Shopping Ads.

Mobile Advertising

Actively reach your targeted audience and interact with them directly with the help of mobile advertising.



With Page Traffic PPC, you can get more traffic and revenue by engaging with your customers through paid Ads.


PageTraffic PPC experts perform ad audits to ensure the right audience sees what’s for sale – whether they’re on desktop or mobile device!

PageTraffic optimizes Google Ads; improves targeting through campaign insights which means we know exactly who is going near any given webpages for maximum conversions possibilities . And finally leverage ad extensions so clicking leads directly to sales.



We know you have a million things going on and we’re here to help! With our Facebook ad management services, take complete advantage of the social network. From strategy development to launching your ads and monitoring their performance—PageTraffic provides an all-inclusive Facebook ads package for advertising online.

Our PPC specialists will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your needs are met. We provide creative ideas based on specific needs or industries, so we can meet YOUR goals at every turn!


Instagram is a powerful visual platform for advertisers because of its targeted audience and ease-of use. Instagram ads have the option to add text that will appear at top or bottom with a “Call To Action”. We work closely with its clients to ensure their ads reach potential customers effectively!

Let’s work together to get your message out there! PageTraffic knows what it takes for a business like yours to be successful on Instagram. With our strategy creation and campaign analysis expertise, we can help you achieve any objective – whether that’s raising awareness or getting more conversions!!


We specialise in crafting LinkedIn advertising campaigns to help you achieve your business goals. We’ll take your business needs and tailor a strategy for maximum results – whether it’s increased traffic or leads! PageTraffic’s PPC team has the skills necessary, from ad design all stages up until periodic analysis so success can be guaranteed with us at every step along the way.

We closely monitor performance, make adjustments as needed throughout each run and optimize based on insights from analysis after conclusion of campaigns – all designed for optimal success!



The importance of a well-designed and executed display ad cannot be overstated. PageTraffic combines strategy, creativity, technical expertise to create advertisements that connect with customers whether they are viewing your products or services offered by you personally or just the website content itself.

Page Traffic’s display advertising services will help you capture more people’s attention and bring in a wider audience. With our broad range of ad formats, we can craft an attractive campaign that gets users hooked quickly.


Our PPC Work Includes

Our comprehensive PPC solutions include but not restricted to the following:

Keyword Suggestions

Our PPC experts will do an extensive analysis to identify the keywords that can give you more enquiries and conversion opportunities.

PPC Copywriting

An appealing title and description can help you get more clicks. Our team of creative writers will prepare a catchy copy for your PPC campaign.

Bid Management

We have team of PPC experts to bid on the keywords that are likely to bring higher ROI. Each bid is closely monitored with a focus on most targeted yet least competitive keywords.

Search Advertising

Our team of PPC specialists will help you find the right set of keywords and the perfect strategy to bring more traffic to your website.

Conversion / Call / Sales Tracking


Our team tracks every click, call, conversion, and sale to help you calculate the benefits.

Performance Reporting

All your PPC advertisement reports will be documented and shared with you regularly to analyse the Click-Through-Rate, traffic, and ROI.


Find wasted Ad spend          Expand your Search          Increase your ROI

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is an online method of advertising your services and products on search engines along with websites. The advertisers are only charged when their ads are clicked by a visitor. PPC campaigns are mainly designed to help businesses drive relevant traffic along with quality leads.


Be it small or big, every business can have great benefits from PPC. A successful PPC campaign can help you generate more profit faster than any other marketing method. It is a brilliant tool for reaching your targeted audience at the right moment and when they are ready to convert from leads to sales. Here are the ways how PPC can help your business grow:

  • Promotes your new products and services
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Generates quick and relevant traffic to your website
  • For e-commerce sites, PPC generates more leads and sales
  • You can target your potential customers across the world with strategically designed PPC campaigns

Finding the right set of keywords is the most important thing while planning for a PPC campaign. For this, there are several tools such as AdWords Keyword Planner and AdCenter Keyword Tool that we use for keyword selection. You can also contact us to plan your PPC campaigns.


PPC may seem expensive but it is not! We are saying this because it is an assumption that many of our clients have when they first come to us. If your management is poor and ROI is zero, then yes, PPC is too expensive. Even anything in your digital marketing that is not generating positive results for your business is costly. However, when you have someone like Digital Markitors to professionally manage things, you can rest assured about everything. If your PPC campaign is capable of generating serious returns, the cost is not really a determining factor.


There are so many benefits of using PPC for your marketing. With our PPC services, you will get the following benefits for your business:

  • Immediate, consistent, and targeted traffic
  • Fast and measurable results
  • No more dependency on SEO
  • No impact of Google Algorithmic updates
  • Reach your targeted audience easily
  • Get more business opportunities
  • Easy brand recognition
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • A great tool to check the effectiveness of your marketing strategies for other mediums